Financial Management and Accounting support services

Support the performance of key finance operations to ensure Finance and Treasury departments perform optimally to meet the reporting deadline.

Specific Support is rendered at:

Financial Year End

During External Audit process to follow- up existing and new audit management queries that require immediate resolution to ensure unqualified audit reports

Internal Audit

Internal Audit focused on not just establishing the causes of weakness in internal controls but implementing permanent improvements in controls to ensure material reduction in audit queries.

Assist CFO and the Accounting Officer with timely preparation and submission of reports required by the Public Finance Management Act in the event that the Finance and or Treasury Departments are not fully staffed.

Assisting the CFO and the Accounting Officer with the discharge of their responsibilities.

Clearance of Internal Audit Queries

Evaluation of overall internal controls as well as delegation of Authority

Follow- up and clearance of outstanding internal audit matters

Follow- up on the implementation of corrective action

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